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cad rental service

Man & Machine is a service which provides a client with an experienced contractor and the equipment required.

Cytecs Man and Machine service is unique in that the licenses are owned by Cytec and not individual contractors. Therefore Cytec can supply a suitable contractor along with the license and not just be limited to someone who has their own license.

Due to the illegality of Solidworks Rental, Man and Machine is becoming ever more popular within the engineering industry because of a need for clients to cut costs. This is achieved by providing the equipment for the duration of each contract, therefore eliminating the need for clients to invest funds into licenses and hardware that sit idle whilst there are no contractors on site.

Our hardware can be delivered and installed by an IT Technician and is fully supported by us.

We supply the latest CAD software including Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCAD and more. Please
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We also offer a bespoke Design Service

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